How Do I Check My Breasts?

Breasts. Every woman has them. Yet when you ask one of the world’s most recognisable women how to check your breasts, she doesn’t know.

But when it comes to the male anatomy, she knows everything. She can tell men how to check for signs of testicular cancer. And she responds equally to any other number of euphemisms, slang words or pet names we use to describe testicles.

Why the gender bias?

She’s not alone. Other voice assistants also can’t answer important questions about breast health. The I Touch Myself Project partnered with the woman behind the voice, Karen Jacobsen, to help. Because every woman should know how to touch herself.

How do I check my breasts?

How often should I touch myself?

What should I look for?

Get In Touch With Your Breast Health

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet early detection gives you a much greater chance of beating it. Almost half of all breast cancers are found by women touching themselves. Become more in touch with your breast health – know how they look and how they feel. Make it a habit. Check your breasts regularly. And if something’s changed see your doctor.

Until all digital assistants can tell you how to get in touch with your breast health, you can listen to the information here.

An Alexa skill that guides you through a breast check will be soon available in Australia.

To lend your own voice, share the video and tag #ITouchMyselfProject

Portrait of Australian band The Divinyl's lead singer Chrissy Amplhett

I Touch Myself Project

I Touch Myself Project launched in 2014, following the passing of celebrated diva, Chrissy Amphlett of Divinyls.

Chrissy was passionate about spreading awareness of the importance of early detection and wanted the global hit song I Touch Myself to be adapted as an anthem for breast health around the world. The Project was created in Chrissy’s honour with a mission to create educational forums to remind women to check their breasts regularly and to take action if there are any changes.

*Donations go to the I TOUCH MYSELF PROJECT, a registered breast health awareness charity in the United States.

Chrissy's Legacy Donate


Many people and organisations have generously given their time and passion to bring the I Touch Myself Project to life.


Karen Jacobsen


Andrew van der Westhuyzen


Jonathon Pilkington

executive producer

Rachael Ford-Davies


Naomi Iland

Music composition

Pat Thrall

Sound Designer

Abby Sie

Original Music Track Songwriters

Christina Amphlett Tom Kelly Billy Steinberg Mark McEntee

I Touch Myself Project, LTD Directors

Charley Drayton Marcia Mason Bernard Drayton

I Touch Myself Project Ambassador

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